Pride Golf Tee

Pride Golf Tee Tees with logo

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No question: who plays golf needs tees! Logo tees are an ideal give-away for golf tournaments or a nice gift for your business friends.

How does it work?

- Simply upload your 1 or 2-colour logo to "Logo1".

- Choose the tea colour, quantity and length: Done!

- You can check everything in good to print, which we will send you a few days after your order.

If you want to print a text on the tees or add a logo to the cup, you will find these articles below.

Delivery times:
May vary. Expect 4 weeks. Urgent orders are possible; prices on request.

We work directly with the largest tea producer. At'Pride Golf Tee' your tees are printed on the best and most modern machines. In this way, we can guarantee that even complex templates arrive on time and to your complete satisfaction.


Pride Golf Tee - Tees mit Text Aufdruck
- Tees mit Text Aufdruck
CHF 190.00
Pride Golf Tee Tees mit Cup + seitlichem Druck
Tees mit Cup + seitlichem Druck
CHF 578.00