Titleist Pro V1x / Left Dash - 3+1 Dz with imprint


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4 dozen for the price of 3 dz personalized balls!
All four dozen with personalized imprint.

Delivery times approx. 4-5 weeks

Special offer: We offer (Pro V1x only) all ball numbers from 00-99. This is not possible for Left Dash & AVX.)

You order Pro V1x with the ball number 18 and the red imprint GO FOR BIRDIE! and receive all 4 dozen with this ball number, this imprint and red imprint.

Cool, huh?


1. font used: Helvetica bold
2. maximum 17 characters per line
3. all characters visible on the keyboard are possible in combination with a letter
4. capital letters only
5. maximum 1 free dozen per order

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Titleist Pro V1 3+1 dz with free imprint
Titleist Pro V1 3+1 dz with free imprint
Pro V1 3+1 dz with free imprint
CHF 185.00