. Cleaner 4 Golf Pflege Set

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CLEANER4 | GOLF is a ready-to-use special cleaning agent designed exclusively for the requirements of golf. It is always ready for use and economical to use. Simply spray onto the dirty club head, golf ball or even the grips to start cleaning - after a short reaction time (approx. 15 seconds), wipe off the dirt effortlessly with a microfiber cloth and immediately get a 100% clean result! Even white shoe soles become white again!

Many years of research into the biodegradable triangular cleaning surfactant specially produced for CLEANER4 | GOLF is the secret of its unique mode of action. The extraordinary cleaning power is achieved by reducing the surface tension. This enables Cleaner4Golf to penetrate the dirt during the application time and combine with the dissolved dirt particles to form an emulsion.

You have never cleaned your golf equipment so quickly and easily: Spray on, leave to work, wipe off and continue playing clean and controlled.

Quantity: 150 ml spray bottle. incl. microfiber cloth (40 x 40 cm).

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