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The super lightweight with maximum stability.

By using an extremely light and flexible fiberglass shaft with a special hardness coating and a new extra light and robust polyester fabric for the cover, unnecessary weight is avoided with undiminished stability - the ideal umbrella for the golfer and her caddy.

Lightweight, yet highly durable and flexible as well as virtually unbreakable fiberglass frame with the new ultra-lightweight fiberglass shaft. The pin-string system with the clearly visible safety slide ensures convenient opening and closing without pinching the fingers. Patented safety tips with abrasion protection, 100% attached.


Durable and extra light polyester fabric coated with Teflon. Double stitching between segments.


The high-density EVA hard foam handle with its grooved profile is especially hand-friendly. The reduced skin contact due to the grooves ensures a dry grip.

Umbrella tip:

Extra-sturdy ABS material. Fits in all golf bag holders. With extra wide rim as abrasion protection for the cover. Thanks to its extra sturdy tip, the umbrella can also be stuck into the ground.

Protective cover:

Practical and uncomplicated made of robust polyamide fabric.