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TiCad Tango

Zesty inside and out for maximum golfing performance
The TiCad Tango captivates with the superb ease with which it can be handled. It can be set-up instantly with a simple twist of the convenient pivot joint – and just as quickly folded again for storage in a boot. It doesn't have any loose parts or other components that could be lost during assembly or disassembly. The puristic and sophisticated Tango is the perfect companion for golfers who want to be fully able to concentrate on nothing but their game alone.

And it folds to boot!
The TiCad Tango is one of the folding golf trolley's in TiCad's product range. It can be easily folded simply by twisting the convenient swivel joint, and equally simply unfolded again. The ingenious folding mechanism ensures that the frame parts have zero backlash and are simultaneously so easy to use that folding your Tango might well become addictive. Another major advantage of the Tango is that it is very flat when folded. Time to add a little more fun and trolley action to your life with the TiCad Tango!

Adaptable bag holders for individual golf bags
Individual bag holders allow you to adapt the height of your personal golf bag to your TiCad Tango. The TiCad Tango can therefore be fitted with special bag holders for oversized golf bags, this being especially convenient for golf bags with club organisers or sport-edition standing bags. These bag holders are available in three different heights and as a special model for your standing bag.

... and wide range of accessories
The TiCad Tango can be customised with a wide range of accessories. In addition to the TiTec titanium wheels and powerful sports drive, it can also be fitted with special leather handles, a scorecard holder, universal smartphone and GPS holder, umbrella holder and umbrella, a golf stool, a car charger, an electromagnetic parking brake, special bag holders, a transport bag, a Support-Kit, Easy Zeisings and a personal engraving. A perfect range of accessories for perfecting your Tango.

Perfect design – brought to a red dot
According to the Reddot Design Award website, "The Red Dot Design Award dates back to 1955 and is internationally recognised as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design.". Further: "The Red Dot itself allows businesses and designers worldwide to effectively and instantly communicate that the respective award-winning product has been very highly rated in terms of both quality and design." Design leadership – a definitive quality. And this doesn't just apply to the TiCad Star, but also the TiCad Tango, and perhaps even more so than for the designer titans produced by TiCad.

  • Frame made of titanium, sandblast-finished surface, wheels made of GRP
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with leather handle
  • Twist grip control with automatic distance control (10 and 20 meters)
  • Freewheel function for maximum ease when pushing
  • Mounting for umbrella holder
  • Top bag holder with lock-in position
  • Lithium ion-battery (1.5 kg, range at least 27 holes) and battery charger
  • Pack size: 66 x 64 x 11 cm
  • Frame dimensions: 66 x 64 x 4 cm
  • Weight: Frame with wheels 6.3 kg


TiCad Engraving TiCad
TiCad Engraving TiCad
Engraving TiCad
CHF 54.95
TiCad Golf Umbrella Classic
Golf Umbrella Classic
CHF 89.00
TiCad remote control
TiCad remote control
remote control
CHF 439.95
TiCad Scorecard-Holder
CHF 186.95
TiCad Scoretasche für Canto/Liberty
TiCad Scoretasche für Canto/Liberty
Scoretasche für Canto/Liberty
CHF 186.95
TiCad Surcharge sports drive
TiCad Surcharge sports drive
Surcharge sports drive
CHF 120.95
TiCad The TiCad cigars holder
TiCad The TiCad cigars holder
The TiCad cigars holder
CHF 175.95
TiCad Titanium ashtray
TiCad Titanium ashtray
Titanium ashtray
CHF 109.95
TiCad transport bags
transport bags
CHF 142.95
TiCad Umbrella Holders
Umbrella Holders
CHF 153.95
TiCad Universal smartphone holder
TiCad Universal smartphone holder
Universal smartphone holder
CHF 142.95