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TiCad Liberty

Product No.: 9029130-DIV1-DP
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TiCad's flagship trolley
TiCad's top model combines the finest of materials with uncompromising design and excellent workmanship grounded in decades of experience and sophisticated manufacturing processes performed in our state-of-the art manufactory. Owning a TiCad Liberty means benefitting from the electric trolley that offers the greatest ease of use and opting for maximum enjoyment in your chosen sport. For that extra special something in life!

One for all
Thanks to the convenient pivot joints developed by TiCad, the TiCad Liberty is very easy and convenient to set up and fold together. The TiCad Liberty's individually adjustable handlebar furthermore makes it the perfect trolley for golfers of all different sizes.

A lightweight powerhorse
The titanium frame of our exclusive Liberty weighs a mere 3.6 kilograms and, even together with its wheels, this electric trolley still only weighs in at six kilograms. This makes our TiCad Liberty very lightweight without detracting from its extremely high performance, because it will easily manage 27 holes or more on a single full battery charge. Once finished playing, the Liberty can be left just as it is, that is, there is no need to remove any components, or can be folded to its smallest packing size of 66 x 63 x 14 cm simply by removing the bag holders.

Timeless elegance, impeccable design
The TiCad Liberty is light, sleek and uncompromising. Developed in 1998, the titanium-crafted Liberty revolutionised the electric trolley world as a result of its extremely low weight. As winner of the "iF Design Award – Product Design" in 2003, the Liberty not only stands out because of its minimalist and timeless design, but also because of its ingenious and simple folding mechanism.

We haven't reinvented the wheel – but have made it more appealing
The hand-welded TiTec titanium wheels of our TiCad Liberty are not only a pleasure to look at, but are also very sophisticated: unique, lightweight and robust – just like all of the products created by TiCad. Our TiTec wheels are made by hand from titanium sheets in an elaborate process involving steps such as stamping, folding, forming, deburring, welding, sandblasting, satin-finishing and finally assembling them with high-quality turned and standard parts to become the perfectly circular product they are. So, we may not have invented the wheel, but have certainly given it this unique aesthetic appeal.

Special features 'inclusive'
If you would like your TiCad Liberty to be equipped with any special features, you will be pleased to learn that we have already taken care of that by offering corresponding options. When it comes to controls, you can, for example, choose from a dual button, twist grip and remote control. If you are left-handed, simply choose the handlebar for left-handed golfers. You can also choose between different kinds of power supplies, customised bag holders for your golf bag, and select from a range of the finest specialist leathers and coloured yarns for your golf trolley's handle. For even greater choice, you can also select from a wide range of additional accessories for your TiCad Liberty for a well-rounded range of special features.

  • Frame and wheels made of titanium
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with leather handle*
  • Button or twist grip control with automatic distance control (10 and 20 meters)
  • Electromagnetic parking brake
  • Freewheel function for maximum ease when pushing
  • Mounting for umbrella holder
  • Name engraving
  • Transport bag: 67 x 78 x 15 cm
  • Lithium ion-battery (1.2 kg, range at least 27 holes) and battery charger
  • Pack size 66 x 63 x 14 cm
  • Frame dimensions: 66 x 63 x 7 cm
  • Weight: Frame and wheels 5.6 kg