Kiffe K5 E-Trolley

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Kiffe K5: Innovative Technology with Tilt Sensors

The Kiffe K5 electric trolley is one of the most intelligent e-trolleys. Because it can read the space. Integrated tilt sensors ensure unparalleled comfort and the best tilt stability. This makes driving on sloping fairways a walk in the park without any effort.

Perfect straight-line stability, even on slopes. Automatic recognition of inclines and declines and thus automatic speed adjustment up to the automatic shutdown when the trolley is steered at a distance, make this e-trolley a winner!

Features of the Kiffe K5 Electric Golf Trolley

  • Inclination sensors
  • Speed memory
  • battery capacity indicator
  • electronic and manual freewheel
  • cruise control
  • powerful Li-Ion battery with magnetic connector and intelligent battery management system
  • engine activity indicator
  • universal bag support
  • electronic parking brake acting on both drive wheels
  • automatic forward motion
  • energy recovery
  • height adjustable handlebar
  • motor power: 2 x 90 W
  • packing size without wheels: 65 x 65 x 16 cm
  • packing size with wheels: 88 x 68 x 31 cm
  • weight of the trolley: 7,2 kg
  • Weight of wheels: 1,8 kg
  • Electronic immobilizer: available as special order
  • Remote control: available as a special order


CHF 69.00
Kiffe Fernbedienung
Kiffe Fernbedienung
CHF 399.00
Kiffe Räder Transporttasche
Kiffe Räder Transporttasche
Räder Transporttasche
CHF 79.00
Kiffe Rahmentransporttasche
Kiffe Rahmentransporttasche
CHF 139.00
Kiffe Schirmhalter Alu
Schirmhalter Alu
CHF 129.00
Kiffe Scorekartenhalter zu Kiffe
Kiffe Scorekartenhalter zu Kiffe
Scorekartenhalter zu Kiffe
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Kiffe Solar Windbuster Golfschirm
Kiffe Solar Windbuster Golfschirm
Solar Windbuster Golfschirm
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