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JuCad Ghost Titan 2.0

will be ordered for you. Not in stock
Delivery time approx. 13-17 days
-15% CHF 4'411.50 CHF 5'190.00


With the new JuCad configurator you can put with a few clicks your own personal caddy together.

At the end you can e-mail your configured caddy to friends.Enter in the box \"To (name)\" Golf Import AG and in the box \"At (e-mail): hello@ugigolf.ch. Once we have received your e-mail we will contact you.

The electric trolley JuCad Ghost Titan 2.0 with its two-spoke wheels and proven technical JuCad features, moves quietly over the fairways with the latest control and drive technology "Brushless". In addition to the electronic braking system, the electronic parking brake on both sides of the trolley ensures that the trolley stands firmly and safely on extremely sloping slopes. The new technology package includes the latest motor and parking technology, magnetic plugs and an integrated charge level indicator. With the stable T-handle, the caddy can be guided with both hands and offers a secure hold on uneven terrain. In addition, the T-handle has an integrated umbrella holder with adjustable inclination. Especially practical is the magnetic plug on the charger and the Powerpack as well as the caddy, which ensures a secure connection within seconds.


  • easy operation due to stepless gas handle
  • Fixation of the height-adjustable handle bar with practical wing grip
  • T-handle with rotary switch for forward and reverse function, freewheel
  • automatic advance function (distance sensor 10-20-30 meters)
  • easy pulling and pushing also possible without battery
  • no visible cables, batteries and motors
  • Mountain brake (cruise control)
  • sensational two-spoke rims
  • foldable, turnable bag support top and bottom
  • extremely stable lightweight wheels
  • Tyres with air cushion suspension, tyre lining changeable
  • different rim and tyre colours without surcharge
  • flat packing size due to perfect folding technique (packing size 67x60x13 cm)
  • Umbrella holder with adjustable inclination for JuCad umbrella
  • Lithium high performance battery up to 45 holes and energy recovery, including charger
  • Weight frame and wheels 6,5 kg
  • optional with remote control
  • integrated technology package: electronic parking brake on both sides, brushless motors, magnetic plugs and charge level indicator


JuCad Aschenbecher aus Titan
JuCad Aschenbecher aus Titan
Aschenbecher aus Titan
CHF 90.00
JuCad Ball- und Tee-Halter
JuCad Ball- und Tee-Halter
Ball- und Tee-Halter
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JuCad Flaschenhalter
JuCad Flaschenhalter
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JuCad Magnethalterung für GPS, Smartphones
JuCad Magnethalterung für GPS, Smartphones
Magnethalterung für GPS, Smartphones
CHF 70.00
JuCad Pflegeset für JuCad
JuCad Pflegeset für JuCad
Pflegeset für JuCad
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JuCad Rädertasche
JuCad Rädertasche
CHF 45.00
JuCad Tragetasche gepolstert für Drive/ Ghost Modelle
JuCad Tragetasche gepolstert für Drive/ Ghost Modelle
Tragetasche gepolstert für Drive/ Ghost Modelle
CHF 150.00
JuCad Universal Handyhalter/Schrimverlängerung
JuCad Universal Handyhalter/Schrimverlängerung
Universal Handyhalter/Schrimverlängerung
CHF 129.00
JuCad Zigarren- und Zigarettenhalter für JuCad
JuCad Zigarren- und Zigarettenhalter für JuCad
Zigarren- und Zigarettenhalter für JuCad
CHF 90.00