ONOFF Lady 23 Irons

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"More distance, more style!" ONOFF LADY repositions itself for 2023.

In anticipation of the 2023 golf season, Japanese golf club maker ONOFF is proud to
to the market. ONOFF LADY was developed specifically for the needs of female golfers and can thus be described as a tailor-made ladies' set. The new LADY series includes a driver, fairway woods, utility, irons and wedges - each of these clubs is equipped with those technologies and features that make women golfers more enjoyable. With each new version of its women's series, ONOFF aims to reach a new level in terms of distance and ease of use, so that women golfers play and score more consistently - simply because,
simply because they achieve better results with every shot.

ONOFF LADY 2023 stands for more distance and more style. The series arrives on the market this spring.

A specially designed iron for ladies with an optimal center of gravity.

  • The sweet spot ends where players actually hit the ball.
  • The high density of tungsten (tungsten steel) generates a high ball flight.
  • Increased trampoline effect of the clubface = more distance
  • The back face structure helps to provide more forgiveness and more stability.

OnOff offers two different shaft hardnesses for their ladies' rackets: Lady and Lady-A. These two variants are designed for different types of players. The sporty player will find her suitable shaft with the Lady-A, while the pleasure golfer is better served with the Lady shaft.


ONOFF Lady Umbrella UV Protection
ONOFF Lady Umbrella UV Protection
Lady Umbrella UV Protection
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