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EVNROLL Zero Model Putter

Product No.: EV22PUZEROMODEL-1881-0
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The unusual ER ZERO joins the ranks of "Low Torque" or "Torque Balanced" putters, such as those already offered by Axis1, Edel and L.A.B. Golf.
However, only the new ERZ ZERO has the revolutionary Evnroll grooves, for straight putts and virtually identical roll, even with off-center hit balls.

The putter head of the ingenious ER ZERO is balanced so that it always points exactly in the direction of play. Measured conventionally, this would be an insane 270° toe hang. However, at address and during the follow-through, the putter head remains stably straight (like a face balanced putter). We call this FaceForward technology.

This Evnroll Premium model comes standard with a variant of the Evnroll "Gravity Grip" counterbalance grip designed specifically for the ERZ ZERO. This grip provides a unique feel for the position of the club head at impact.

Compliant with R&A and USGA rules and therefore tournament approved.

- Designed and manufactured in Carlsbad, California, USA
- Putter head made of 303 Stainless Steel
- Color: Black armour finish
- Shaft length and head weight: 35"@340g, 34"@355g, 33"@370g
- Loft: 2 degrees
- Angle of lie: 70 degrees
- Low Torque Putter / FaceForward technology
- Evnroll "Gravity Grip" ZERO putter grip, diameter approx. 3.5 cm
- 120 grams heavy grip for "Counter balance" effect