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PXG 0311X Driving Iron Xtreme Dark Graphite

Artikel-Nr.: PX18HY0311XXDG-0741-RE
Verfügbarkeit: Artikel an Lager, Versand in 1-2 Werktagen
-50500% CHF 504.00 CHF -1.00


The PXG 0311X is a larger, wide-soled version of the company's trademark blade-looking, hollow-iron design. Just like the 0311, 0311T and 0311XF irons, the PXG 0311X features a thin, high-strength HT 1770 steel face insert surrounded by a steel body. The PXG 0311X uses 8620 steel (the same steel used in the company's milled wedges), while the other irons feature S25C.

Like the 0311 irons, the thin face is supported by a layer of thermoplastic elastomer injected into the hollow iron's internal cavity. Because of the larger size and wider sole, there is 46 percent more TPE in the PXG 0311X than the corresponding 0311 iron. Arranged low on the back of the 0311 irons are the familiar screw weights seen on all of PXG's clubs. There are eight on the 2- through 5-iron and seven on the 1-iron.

Designed not as an extension of the company's iron line but rather as clubs that can be added to a player's current setup as replacements for long irons, the PXG 0311X features less offset than the 0311 irons (.120 inches less), but features a sole that is .150 inches wider than the 0311.

Standard Schaft: Aerotech Steelfiber Parallel 70R

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Weitere Schäfte erhältlich z.B. ACCRA/OBAN usw: Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt mit unserem Fitting Experten auf.